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Dr. Marcus Tellez, DO, MPH

Anal sex can be an amazing experience for gay men. Why? The prostate! What is it? The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that produces ejaculatory fluid to protect and nourish sperm. The prostate is located just in front of the rectum and is easily stimulated via nerve endings that induce pleasure and possible prostate-induced orgasms.


Tips for anal sex? Start slow. The muscles in your rectum need time to adjust to larger objects being inserted. Utilize plenty of lube and open communication with your partner. If something hurts, say so! Tops, listen to the bottom! If it hurts, stop. (I hate telling people to "relax", but relax!) Tensing up will only make things more difficult and less fun.

The best thing about Pure for Men is that is a 100% natural, high-grade fiber supplement formulated with a blend of chia, flaxseed, psyllium husk, and aloe vera. All of which are safe, well-known, and thoroughly studied as soluble fibers that promote colon health and general wellness. With Pure for Men, the expanded fiber begins to pass safely through your digestive tract, binding to food particles and any waste left along the way.


As a resident physician, I’m always on the go. After working up to 80 stressful hours a week in the hospital, I’m really thankful to Pure for keeping me regular. I usually take 2-3 pills with lunch/dinner and make sure to stay well hydrated throughout my day. While I typically take care of hospital patients, I’ve recommended Pure for Men to many friends and family who all love it. Whether you’re using Pure for Men for regularity or for preparing for anal sex, it takes out some of the variables life throws at you, allowing you to #StayReady, no matter the occasion.

Sometimes sex can be unplanned, in the heat of the moment. With Pure for Men, you can be confident that cleanup will be clean and simple for any occasion. Simply take Pure as directed, 2-3 tablets twice daily and make sure to drink plenty of water! As with any fiber supplement, increased water intake is important to ensure proper hydration and optimal function of the pills. Most importantly, remember to have fun, safe, and consensual sex with your partners while using Pure for Men.

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