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  • Should I take it before or after meals?
    It makes absolutely no difference whether you take it before or after meals. Either approach should deliver the same result and should have little to no impact on your overall experience.
  • How long does it take so start working?
    No two people have the exact same digestive system, however majority of customers report being "good to go" within two days after they start using Pure Form Men.
  • How do I know when I'm Pure?
    You should notice a big difference in the "fullness" of your bowel movements. Movements that lack fiber is usually scattered and messy, whereas once you have Pure For Men clearing out your system, everything should be nicely packed together. Some customers report not even needing to wipe after using the restroom or that they notice little-to-no debris after using the restroom.
  • Is Pure For Men a replacement for enemas or douching?
    Enemas and douching alone only target the lower portions of the digestiive tract, leaving the risk of residual debris further up your system, finding its way out when stimulates by sexual activity. Pure For Men provides real peace of mind that your entire runway is clear for takeoff- no surprises or crash landings.
  • Is the shipping material and packaging discreet?
    Absolutely, we use generic packaging directly to your residence.
  • Do you own a shop or establishment and want to stock up to resell?
    Sure, note, we have exclusivity to import to South Africa, however feel free to contact our offices to arrange for any bulk orders. We will be happy to assist in expanding your product range.
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