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We as PureformenSA (PTY) Ltd, take pride in delivering only exceptional service and products to you, our customer.


We also have a duty to make sure that the Pure For Men products we stock are all within their expiry date and freshly manufactured from Austin Texas, United States of America. Due to extreme popular demand of our #STAYREADY capsules we are importing stock on a monthly recurring basis.


Due to COVID-19 customs related delays and regulations promulgated on the amount of stock we can import from the States, our turnaround time for new stock is about two-and-a-half (2.5) weeks.


So…where is my product? Please do not stress and kindly bare with us and the COVID-19 related logistics issues. Shipping and customs delays are expected in these times, we trust that soon it will be a thing of the past.


In the meantime, as the warehouse has stock, courier shipments will go out daily and you can expect your product within three (3) working days handed over to you, with a smile. If you did not receive your product within three (3) working days, this means that your #STAYREADY is still on its way with the new freshly manufactured stock from Austin, Texas. A process update will be forwarded to you, so that you know where your #STAYREADY is and that you may expect it shortly.


We do apologize, however during the COVID-19 regulations you can expect the two-and-a-half (2.5) weeks turnaround time. You are also welcome to plan and pre-order your shipments.


It is with passion that we import Pure For Men, to help you, #STAYREADY.

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